Ketamine & Related Compounds for Psychiatric Disorders

6th - 8th April 2020: Meeting at Blavatnik School of Government, Oxford, UK

28th March - 8th April:  online e-presentations, webmeetings & live streaming

Glutamatergic antidepressants are starting to disrupt and transform the treatment of psychiatric disorders. Knowledge of their potential is rapidly expanding. As this potential is realised, more questions open up about the details of their use.

This conference builds on the hugely successful first Oxford conference in 2018. Once again, leading researchers, clinicians and policy makers will come to Oxford, but this time those who cannot join us in person  can join the conference online - either in real-time or after the event.

So, come to Oxford or watch all talks online as they are live-streamed.  Instead of standing at conventional posters, review online slide decks or posters and then participate in scheduled Webmeetings to discuss the work with presenters.  Enjoy the flexibility of reviewing materials and recordings at your own convenience.  

Whether you are a researcher with preclinical data wanting to reach the widest possible online audience, or a clinician wanting insights from those at the leading edge of practice, or a psychotherapist wanting to hear how drugs can assist therapy, or a policy maker thinking about service reconfiguration, there will be something for you at Ketamine 2020.

We look forward to meeting you in person or online!