Ketamine & Related Compounds for Psychiatric Disorders

International Conference - Wednesday 21st March to Friday 23rd March 2018

The discovery of the antidepressant effect of ketamine is the most important advance in psychopharmacology in 50 years.  Clinical adoption in the US has been rapid, with over 100 clinics established in the last 2 years.  Clinical experience has moved ahead of research - an unusual situation which creates opportunities as well as risks.  

Come to Wadham College, Oxford in March 2018 to hear the world's leading experts speak on cutting edge clinical research and practice, and to meet clinical scientists and clinicians.  Enjoy a conference where attendee numbers are being kept to 120.  Submit your Abstract to be one of the 35 poster and podium presentations.

Stay at Wadham for very reasonable rates, where many of the rooms have views over rooftops and College Quads. Dine in the Hall, with its famous Jacobean entrance screen and wander in the beautiful and extensive Wadham gardens.

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