Oxford-based talks

The conference consists of talks given in Oxford, and online 'e-Presentations' which are an innovative alternative to posters.  

All talks being delivered in Oxford will be live-streamed, recorded and made available to all registered delegates until 5th October 2020.  

Confirmed Speakers for Oxford-based talks

These will be updated continuously. Current confirmations include:

Lori Calabrese, South Windsor CT, US - Case series from single handed private practice
Carla Canuso, Janssen, US - Esketamine for suicide in MDD

Elias Dakwar, Columbia NY, US - Alcohol and drug use disorders

Ed Domino, Michigan, US - Mechanism, history and anaesthesia
Paul Glue, Otago, NZ - Oral ketamine in anxiety disorders

Sunjeev Kamboj, UCL, UK - Craving in heavy drinkers
Steve Levine, Actify, US - Switching between ketamine and esketamine

Celia Morgan, Exeter, UK - Alcohol relapse prevention

Giselle Pickering, Clermont Auvergne, France -  Prolonging ketamine analgesia with oral NMDA drugs      
Vanina Popova, Janssen, US - Update on long term safety of esketamine

Emma Robinson, Bristol, UK - Neuropsychological effects in rodents
Gerald Sanacora, Yale, US - Translational studies

Robert Schoevers, Groningen, NL - Oral esketamine

Sai-Ying Wang Xiangya, Changsha , China - Prevention of post partum depression
Carlos Zarate, NIMH, US - Translational studies

The focus of Oxford-based talks will be on clinical use, including practice and policy perspectives:

  • Clinical trials - all phases
  • Large cohorts
  • Long-term data
  • Experimental medicine in patients
  • Psychotherapy techniques
  • Summaries of mechanisms and preclinical science
  • Health economics
  • Risk mitigation
  • Relapse prevention - psychological or pharmacological
  • Prophylactic 'vaccination' against depression
  • Novel compounds
  • Barriers to development