Ketamine 2020's online programme is truly innovative.

  • All Oxford talks will be live-streamed and recorded for review by delegates.
  • E-Presentation materials (an alternative to posters) can be previewed and reviewed in your own time
  • You can join interactive Q&A Webmeetings about the e-presentations which are scheduled between 27th March and 5th April.  
  • At these Q&A Webmeetings, authors briefly present their work and then discuss it with delegates from anywhere in the world.  
  • The Q&A Webmeetings are recorded in case you can't make the scheduled time.  They are available for 6 months to those who register.  
  • You can register for online access only.  Those who come to Oxford will automatically have online access.  

I would like to do an online presentation.  How does it work?

  • You can do an online presentation without coming to Oxford.
  • Authors start by submitting their abstract, specifying a preference for an Oxford-based talk, e-Presentation, or either.  
  • Once notified that their abstract is accepted as an E-Presentation, authors upload their E-presentation material to the conference platform (Learning Tool Box).  
  • E-Presentations may be in any format:  for example (as a guide), a slide deck of up to 10 slides, or a video presentation of up to 7 minutes, or a conventional single-page poster pdf . 
  • Authors of E-Presentations may either be in-person delegates (ox-delegates) or may be online e-delegates.   
  • E-Presentations can be viewed by all registered delegates in the week before the conference from 6pm BST on 27th March, until six months after.
  • Authors will then attend up to three online Webmeetings, each lasting 20 minutes in the week before the main talks - from 27th March to 5th April.  In these Webmeetings, the author(s) will present the data in the E-Presentation (guide: 5 minutes), followed by 15 minutes discussion. Webmeetings will be scheduled depending on the time-zones of e-delegates and authors. 
  • Any registered delegate may join any Webmeeting to discuss the presentation with the author and others. 
  • Where authors are happy to do so, a recording of the Webmeeting will be lodged on the E-Presentation system and will be available to registered delegates until 5th October 2020.
  • Recordings of E-Presentations will be uploaded with their abstracts.